Zissimage - About page


I was born in the cosmopolitan, multi-cultural and multi-lingual city of Chernovtsy that was built by Viennese architects during the long reign of Austro Hungarian Emperor.

My introduction and love for photography began very early with my father taking me to photography club meetings. I and inherited his old camera and he taught me how to use it.

Surrounded by beautiful architecture and the magnificent Carpathian Mountains there was plenty to admire and photograph.

When I immigrated to Israel, in 1974 with my parents, photography took the back seat.

I followed my cousin and in 1980 graduated from ORT Netanya with an Associate Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering.

My entire working career, in Israel and later in Australia, I worked in Research and Development.

The trigger for the revival of my first love, photography, started in early 2009 when I was getting ready for my first Antarctic voyage. Two more voyages later following by two solo photographic exhibitions and my new career, as a freelance photographer was decided.

These days I am mainly concentrating on travel, Architectural, natural and urbane landscape photography while expanding into and experimenting with other styles like commercial, documentary and fine art.

For me, photography is a universal language without borders.